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Sunday 24th September

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Junior Group Lessons

Junior Golf Passport Scheme at Basset Down Golf Complex

Our group junior lessons are a great way for your child to learn more about the world of golf in a safe, fun and supportive environment - and make some new friends along the way too!

All junior coaching is run throughout the school term, and based on the Junior Golf Passport scheme; a national structured learning programme for children aged 6-12 years, endorsed by the PGA. 

This multi-layered programme focuses on helping complete beginners progress into competent junior golfers, and covers key areas of the game, including: putting, short game, long game, swing and playing on the course. Each child receives their own lesson passport, which allows them (and you!) to keep records of the skills they are learning and their achievements throughout lessons. 

The next dates for Junior Golf Passport lessons are as follows:

Saturdays (from 9th September) 6 lessons for £39.00
Bronze Group: 09:00 - 09:50
Silver Group: 10:00 - 10:50
Gold Group: 11:00 - 11:50 

We are also running the Order of Merit alongside these classes (at no extra cost). 

To sign up to a class, please call us on 01793 812336

Classes for the rest of 2017 are listed below. 
4th November (Saturdays) 7 weeks £45

HSBC Golf Roots is the Golf Foundation's national programme to enhance the lives of young people through playing golf.

The Junior Golf Passport is the national structured learning programme for children aged 6-12 years, endorsed by the PGA. The multi-layered programme progresses a complete novice golfer into a junior golfer ready for membership at a golf club.

The programme has 3 key levels: START, LEARN and PLAY. The START level is all about fun and an elementary introduction to golf. The LEARN level is a move towards technical instruction through games based learning, always with the emphasis on fun. The PLAY level teaches the child to apply their learning to the golf course, preparing them for potential club membership and competition. However, access to the golf course and playing golf on a course are important features of the Junior Golf Passport from the START in order to develop a real connection to golf.

The programme covers the following key areas of golf;

  - Short putting        
  - Long putting
  - Lag putting
  - Green reading
• Short game
   - Lofted chip
   - Chip and run            
   - Pitching
   - Bunker play
   - Grip
   - Stance
   - Ball position
   - Swing technique 
On the course
   - Rules of play
   - Course management
   - Awkward lies

• Fit for golf
  - Power
  - Stability
  - Flexibility
  - Fundamental

Ready for Golf
   - Preparation
   - Warm up
   - Rules and Etiquette

Skills for life
   - Honesty
   - Resect
   - Cooperation
   - Perseverance

There are some key new areas of content included within the NEW Junior Golf Passport such as Skills for Life, Fit for Golf and Ready for Golf. Skills for life is integral to the Golf Foundation’s mission of enhancing the lives of young people through golf,. Each session contains a clear Skills for Life focus which should be constantly re-affirmed throughout the games and warm ups.

The programme is presented as both a physical and web based resource using both formats to track performance and progression. It can be delivered using the prescriptive session plans and games cards provided in the pack or by the coach selecting the resources to suit their own preferred style.The programme is delivered in 10-week blocks covering a subject each week with a family festival in week 10 to allow the child and parent to play golf together in a fun environment.

An area that has seen some of the best development for our juniors, is when they push on and start taking individual lessons. These are available from just £18.00 for 30 minutes for under 16's. 




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