Hole 7
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Monday 15th  October 2018

Golf Course: Open
First tee 08:00
Last tee 16:15

Driving Range: OPEN
08:00 - 2030

(Last baskets at 20:00)

 Football Golf Courses: OPEN
18 holes
First tee: 09:00
Last tee: 16:00

9 holes
First tee: 09:00

Last tee: 17:15

Cafe: OPEN
(Cooked food from 10:00-14:30)


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Hole 7: Par 4
White 357 yards
Yellow 348 yards
Red 262 yards
Stroke Index 15 & 15

Hole Description
This hole is a gentle downhill par four with a small left to right dogleg. There is a ditch running down the left hand side of the hole that starts 90 yards from the tee, and works its way away from the fairway. The fairway slopes from right to left with a large tree in the right hand semi rough that is 75 yards from the green. The green itself is protected by a bunker set into the front left hand portion of the green and rises quickly from the front to the middle of the green, with the back portion sitting as a plateau.

Pro’s playing advice

A tee shot just left of centre will leave you the best approach to a small green bunker on the left hand side. Any tee shot pushed right will be blocked out by a large mature tree some 75 yards from the green.


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