Winter Golfing Tips from Ian Bolt - 14/12/2015

Winter Golfing Tips from our Resident Pro Ian Bolt

With winter fast approaching, here are a few hints form our PGA Professional Ian Bolt to help you through the winter season.

  1. With the temperature dropping make sure you adjust your clubbing/distance with the ball going much shorter distances. 
  2. It’s not going to be realistic to play to your handicap, with the balls not running and the greens less true, so don’t score, work on your swing and enjoy
  3. If you have an adjustable driver, add a bit of loft. This will help you carry the ball further and helps you swing with extra layers of clothes. Alternatively use a 3 wood especially on downwind holes can give you more distance. 
  4. In bad or cold conditions it’s very easy to try too hard, try gripping the club lighter and swing smoothly. 
  5. Being too ambitious from wet rough, can cost you shots, take more loft, get the ball back on the fairway. 
  6. Take some lessons over the winter. Improve your swing for next season or in the short term this could improve your striking from wet fairways. There’s nothing worse that hitting the ball heavy/fat short of the target. 
  7. Keep warm. This will help you, turn and it’s so much easier to chip and putt with warm fingers. Buy some hand warmers! 8. If all else fails move to Portugal until the end of March…………

Ian is available year round for tips or coaching - why not see our coaching section for more details about classes and lessons

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