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 You must not come to the club if you have or are showing symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have come into contact with someone who has the virus.

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Where's Your Head At? - By Michael Walters - 26/08/2014

Where’s Your Head At?

When playing golf, there are a number of factors which a golfer has little or no control over. For instance, the weather, course conditions, other golfers and to a large extent, luck!

There are some factors however, which you can control. Adequate preparation on the day for the game ahead is a prime example. This includes ensuring that you have the correct amount and selection of clubs in your bag, as well as doing a a thorough warm up, with stretches, to avoid any strains or other injuries.

Other important factors within your control, include your swing, short game, mental strength and course management. Many golfers also overlook how personal circumstances such as stress, fatigue, hydration and nutrition can have a serious effect on their game.

Being aware of and making sure that all of these factors balance will not only enable you to be mentally and phyiscally prepared for your game, but most likely help to dramatically improve your individual performance. 

Mike Walters
PGA Professional at Basset Down  


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